Official Message from,
President of Segamat District Council

Assalamualaikum Wbt…

Alhamdullilah, I am thankful to Allah S.W.T with HIS grace and consent, that Segamat District Council Website or MDS has successfully been published on 1st March 2005, for our benefit. My hope is that this website will serve as the latest information channel which enables the public to get the latest information related to MDS, worldwide through the Internet. In fact, information on the history and administration of MDS is able to be achieved more precisely and quickly.

An effort to create this website is a good start. In keeping with government's desire to see many more IT literates in this country and indirectly making Malaysia as a developed-nation of information technology.

To keep up with the long term government's goal is to create a government without paper or "paperless government". MDS Website shall also embody relevant information related to service which is given by the Council, tourism area, industrial and recreation. This opportunity will be exploited by Council to attract many foreign investors to invest in Segamat.

People also can take this opportunity based on the information in this website to survey the economic opportunities which will be produced. Last but not least, I hope the existence website can meet its functions as a useful source of reference and knowledge to local and foreign society in the future, instead of merely fulfilling a requirement to publish a website.

I welcome your opinion on how the MDS website can be improved as well as on Segamat district development as a whole.
Thank you.


Segamat District Council


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