Round shape of MDS emblem 
Represents MDS administrations within one unite area which represents unity and cooperation in MDS managerial level in creating organized, civilized, beautiful, and safe municipal.

Jawi writing
Shows identity, religion and culture which should be fostered.

Octagon Symbol 
Represents MPJBT's establishment history which was comprised from eight departments consolidated under one administration.

Represents efficient administration in the developmental planning from the housing's, industrial's and entrepreneurship sector's aspect.

Represents the most popular and delicious fruit in the Segamat district.

Red Coondoo 
Represents the official flower of Johor.

Pillar Symbol
Symbolizes MDS's strengths and firmness in managing work.

Red colour 
Symbolizes MDS's bravery, strengths and firmness in managing administration.

Blue colour
Represents unity and solidarity as well as symbolizes MDS's spirit.

Yellow colour
Represents the ruling king's greatness and sovereignty which represents Johor as a sovereign state. It also shows MDS undying spirit.

Green colour 
Represents the greenness and freshness of Segamat area and shows MDS's attempts to create an organized municipal.

MDS Motto

"Khidmat Untuk Rakyat"


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