A Brief History of Segamat

In 16th century, Sultan Ahmad and his followers left Malacca after being attacked by the Portuguese and proceeded to stay in Pagoh. After being attacked in Pagoh, they withdrew to Penarikan and later to lower Pahang. In the journey to Penarikan, at a riverside, on an old tree, Datuk Bendahara Paduka Tuan sat against a tree facing a hotbed which was in front of them, with Sultan Ahmad and his father not far from there, where they stopped and rested for two days.

As he sat, Datuk Bendahara shook his hand and reached for a stone. With a sorry face, he said to himself, "I feel thirsty, please get me some water from the river ". He said as he looked at Selamat Gagah. Selamat Gagah understood that he was supposed to take some water from the river, and took a sheath and made them as ‘temika'. He then scooped the water, filled the ‘temika' and gave it to Datuk Bendahara. As his hands took the ‘temika', he threw away the stone in his hand, and sighed deep within his heart," If this stone arise, then I will be going back to Malacca." Hearing that, Sultan Ahmad gave Datuk Bendahara a meaningful look, but Sultan kept his mouth shut.

Datuk Bendahara drank the water in the ‘temika', and he finds the water very clear and cold, "SEGAR AMAT"- it tastes fresh, what is the name of this river Selamat?" "I am not sure, since this is my first time here." Selamat replied. "Yes, SEGAR AMAT", "I feel revived." Datuk Bendahara said again. "Yes, SEGAR AMAT, to drink water from this river." As they were drinking it at the same time. "YES, SEGAR AMAT."

And therefore the name ‘Segamat' emerged, until now.


Segamat as a State

Buyong Adil in his book of Sejarah Alam Melayu Penggal V wrote that Segamat was a state from 9 other states which was called "Negeri Sembilan" as a result of the above event.

Martin Lister, the Negeri Sembilan British Resident in 1895 - 1897 also mentioned that Segamat was a state which was once known as Negeri Sembilan and was ruled by Temenggong Abd. Rahman and appointed Temenggong Konit to administer Segamat / Muar beginning 1801.


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