• To ensure development in Council's areas comply with the legislation and regulations. To complete that duty, development control which includes activities such as approval for layout plans, approval for earthwork plans, Infra plans, building plans, landscape plans, certificate of fitness and enforcement are implemented.
  • To control business activities which operate in MDS area; business control duties cover all types of license issuances, reforms, suspensions, terminations, appeals and enforcements.
  • One of the SDC's main profit is by collecting assessment tax, thus assessment tax management must be run smoothly; management activity starts with evaluation identification of present property, bills production and payment collection.
  • Provision and Maintenance Infrastructure and Public Facilities Project is also is one of MDS's main functions; activities start with planning, designing (either by own or done by vendor), construction turnovers, monitoring project, delivery and defect periods and other related activities.


  • MyGov
  • MDEC
  • SPA
  • KPKT
  • LHDN
  • SKMM